50th anniversary season


WHAT A TIME TO TURN 50, as we do in our 2022/23 season. It’s been 50 years of bringing the world’s greatest soloists to Winnipeg, and commissioning pieces amplifying Canada’s musical voice on the international stage. It’s been 50 years of watching our cultural community grow and diversify. Our 2022/23 season offers many ways to enjoy an exceptional season, featuring Canadian soloists, with online and in-person shows over 10 concert programs and 6 online programs. Details & tickets here!


In February and March, the MCO presented its Winter Series, four free online concerts, via YouTube. They featured many of Manitoba’s most cherished musicians (like Catherine Wood, left) and several incredible new Canadian works, some of which are sure to change the Canadian repertoire forever. Access to these concerts will became available a few days before their premieres, and will remain available online for a full year! Click here for details.

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