Manson, Dahl, Chuchman

Sopranos Tracy Dahl and Andriana Chuchman with the MCO

Tracy Dahl and Andriana Chuchman are both internationally renowned sopranos. That Andriana used to be Tracy’s pupil, here in Winnipeg, makes it all the more special when they sing together. We weren’t surprised when Andriana and Tracy sold out the last time they performed an in-person concert with us in 2018. See them perform a range of arias and duets at this concert — and get your tickets while they last. Click here for detailed program and tickets!

What to watch: the MCO YouTube channel is must-see TV!
The Manitoba Chamber Orchestra’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of live MCO performances, interviews with leading soloists and local favourites, and teasers for upcoming events. It’s also become one of MCO’s hubs for MCO@Home; a place to engage with the MCO community and experience online concerts while all of us strive to stay connected in this time of physical isolation. So come listen to a performance and interact with us!

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