Review: Musical Toronto

MCO 013001 Troubadour & the Nightingale. MCO, Bayrakdarian, Manson.
Musical Toronto / John Terauds

We can celebrate two Torontonians on a new made-in-Winnipeg album: Isabel Bayrakdarian and Serouj Kradjian. The soprano lends her vocal art to her husband’s compositional imagination in a seductive programme titled Troubadour & the Nightingale.

The album, released today on the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra’s in-house MCO Records label, is a potent collaboration by everyone concerned.

Kradjian, who began his professional career as a pianist, uses the orchestra with remarkable restraint, choosing only those instruments that will help underline the message behind each song. Manitoba Chamber Orchestra music director Anne Manson lays everything out with absolute clarity.

Bayrakdarian is passionately engaged with this music from beginning to end, deploying a great range of expressive and dynamic subtlety.

There is a lot to love here, including the spacious audio captured inside Winnipeg’s St John’s Cathedral.

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