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March 5, 2014

For Immediate Release


OmniTRAX Canada Sponsorship of Manitoba Chamber Orchestra Brings Music Program to Northern Students


Winnipeg, Manitoba – OmniTRAX is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra (MCO). OmniTRAX will be donating $30,000 to support the Orchestra’s outreach efforts to the Frontier School Division over the next two musical seasons.

“The Manitoba Chamber Orchestra has been an important cultural pride-point for the Manitoba community since it was first established in 1972,” said Merv Tweed, President, OmniTRAX Canada. “As a proud part of communities across Northern Manitoba, OmniTRAX Canada is delighted to help children from the North participate in the MCO’s student outreach programs and learn from these talented musicians.”

“With the generous support we’re receiving from OmniTRAX Canada, we’ll be able to extend our outreach efforts to more students across the Frontier School Division,” said Vicki Young, Managing Director, Manitoba Chamber Orchestra.  “OmniTRAX Canada’s Fiddlers on the Loose Program allows us to nurture young talent in geographically challenged places where such programs are generally unavailable. We hope this will help to create a love of music and the arts that will remain with the children for the rest of their lives.”

“The Board of Trustees of Frontier School Division values fine arts programming and has sought creative ways to offer this programming to students across our vast territory covering 440,000 square kilometres of the Province of Manitoba,” said Ray Derksen, Chief Superintendent, Frontier School Division. “We have a long history of promoting fiddling throughout the province with over 2,000 students actively participating in our fiddling program.  We are very pleased that OmniTRAX Canada has partnered with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra to offer Frontier School Division this additional creative musical opportunity and enriching experience.”

About OmniTRAX Canada: OmniTRAX Canada is a Manitoba based transportation and logistics company, run by Manitobans. Our transportation network provides a critical connection for Northern Manitoba and the Arctic to the rest of Canada. For more than 16 years, OmniTRAX Canada has been a proud part of the Northern Manitoba community, providing access to people and businesses and supporting a variety of industries including grain companies, farmers, tourist operators and petroleum producers. For more information, visit


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