🎈 2022/23 50th anniversary season packages!

MCO’s 2022/23 50th anniversary season! WHAT A TIME TO TURN 50, as we do in our 2022/23 season. It’s been 50 years of bringing the world’s greatest soloists to Winnipeg, and commissioning pieces amplifying Canada’s musical voice on the international … Continued

🎈 UPDATED! 2021/22 packages

MCO’s 2022 Spring Concerts We’re excited to offer our 2022 Spring Concert series—which features both online and in-person presentations over 8 concert programs! Safety and rejuvenation are both keywords for this extended season. To accommodate physical distancing, we’ll be operating … Continued

📌 Ticket & social gathering policies

By purchasing tickets to attend our concerts, you confirm that you are aware that gatherings are potential sources of viral transmission and that you assume responsibility for that risk. We will retain email addresses for the purpose of contact tracing. TICKET POLICIES  All concert programs in our … Continued

🌼 Spring of hope …

  WHAT AN EXCITING TIME to begin my tenure as the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra’s Board President. As I have been thinking about what to write in my first note to our patrons, the famous and somewhat over-used opening lines in … Continued

🔥 2021 Spring Festival ticket packages

Welcome to a reimagined 2020/21 season! The pandemic has taught us to expect the unexpected, so while we hope to offer more concerts to smaller audience groups in airy surroundings, we know that plans may change with little notice. If … Continued

🚌 Afternoons with the MCO! 🎻

Reserve your tickets here! IT’S THE MCO’S 50TH ANNIVERSARY! Our fun Fall 2022 matinee is a great way to get students inspired, curious and excited about music for the school year ahead! ➊ THE BRUNO SISTERS! 1.00pm, WEDNESDAY, 28 SEPTEMBER … Continued

📌 Updated ticket & gathering policies

THE MCO IS ISSUING is issuing physical tickets for concerts in our 22/23 season. Upon request, we can mail the tickets to your address if the order’s made within three days of the concerts. Otherwise the tickets will be available … Continued

✏️ Concert trivia ANSWERS! June 8 & 9

Lucie Horsch is well known for playing which instrument? Violin  Cello Recorder In what year did Lucie Horsch represent the Netherlands in the Eurovision Young Musician Contest? 2014 2018 2022 What nationality is Lucie Horsch?  Dutch German French Gary Kulesha … Continued