🎥 Behind the scenes: MCO & Viðarneistí

Hello friends of the MCO!

I’ve recently joined the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra in the newly created Education and Outreach Manager position. If I had to say what I enjoy most about this role, it would have to be the chance to collaborate with so many interesting, skilled, and hardworking people both on and off stage.

For the first time, I am attempting a new format of connecting with our audiences through these blogs, interviews, and videos. I’ll be capturing and sharing unique insights from incredible individuals working behind the scenes. I hope this content will capture your curiosity! Perhaps we will be able to answer some of your long held questions or new questions will emerge. I am excited for this unique opportunity to encourage and challenge our audiences to listen, play, create, discuss and experience music in new ways!

On January 16, 2022, I had a great time sitting in on the Viðarneistí concert recording session at the West End Cultural Centre. It was a thrill to be back in the WECC; I have so many fond memories of attending concerts in this beautiful venue! I met long-time MCO collaborators Dan Donahue and Ivan Hughes who were working closely with producer Boyd MacKenzie and leading their technical teams to capture this fantastic concert for our audiences at home. It was a joy to watch them work, and afterwards I had a chance to chat with them about their process and approach to recording these performances.

I am so excited for you to enjoy this performance online! You’ll hear amazing performances from Manitoba musicians Cathy Wood (clarinet) and Victoria Sparks (marimba) who are well-known to MCO audiences. I also had a great conversation with them after the session.

Hear some of my conversations and take a look behind the scenes:

By the way, Cathy is my former teacher at Brandon University during my undergrad days, and one of the composers, Christopher Byman, is a former classmate! What a small world!

I always find it exciting to be in a recording session, whether I am working behind the scenes or performing at the microphone. There is great energy and a wonderful collaborative atmosphere. When you are fortunate enough to collaborate with such a supportive, knowledgeable, skilled and committed team of people, it can be tremendous fun. I am excited to capture and share some unique aspects of live and recorded concert production and offer a glimpse into the lives and professions of the people that come together to bring us incredible music!

See the full performance!

In February and March, the MCO will present four free online concerts as part of our Winter Series! The performances will be available on YouTube for a full year after the premiere! Visit our Free Winter Online Series page for more information. Access to concerts will become available on that page a few days before the premiere.

Winter Songs featuring the Vidarneisti duo, will premiere on Thursday, February 10 at 7:30pm. We hope you enjoy!

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