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Fiddlers on the Loose!

Donations to this program gratefully accepted through 11 March 2022!

THE MCO WANTS ALL MANITOBANS to experience the joy and enrichment of classical and fiddle music regardless of socioeconomic, cultural, and geographic barriers. To this end, we offer an annual program of education and outreach that has remained impactful and evolving in spite of the pandemic.

Every year, we offer dozens of free satellite performances in libraries, outdoors, penitentiaries, schools, and hospitals; we offer complimentary tickets to our Westminster concerts for hundreds of students, newcomers, individuals living with mental health challenges; and our Fiddlers on the Loose ensemble tours remote parts of the province.

For 13 years, the six musicians who make up the Fiddlers on the Loose have traveled throughout the Frontier School Division, giving workshops and concerts for students and communities at no charge. In many towns, private music lessons are not available, and students rely on YouTube to learn music technique. We try to encourage, guide, and support them, and in return they challenge and inspire us. We work closely with instructors in the Frontier School Division’s Frontier Fiddle program to support the wonderful work they do.

Through the pandemic, of course, we have moved much of our program into the virtual realm, and we plan for that to become a permanent part of our outreach, along with in-person visits. The MCO’s Fiddlers on the Loose have spring and summer plans for many free satellite concerts for children in libraries, hospitals, and communities across northern Manitoba. We will also continue to present virtual interactive sessions along with versions of many of these concerts even if the pandemic prevents them from taking place as in-person events.

Dr. Suzu Enns is our full-time Education and Outreach Manager, and she can be reached here for more details about our programs.


If you would like to support the MCO outreach program, here are a few examples of what your donation can do for students throughout the province. During the pandemic, we are offering online options:

$2500 funds online access for all Manitoba K-12 schools to two MCO concerts featuring the full orchestra, or a day of in-person visits in the Frontier School Division

$1000 funds online access for all Manitoba K-12 schools to an MCO concert featuring the Fiddlers on the Loose along with interactive online Q & A sessions

$500 helps cover a late spring in-person or virtual workshop and school concert with student fiddlers in their school in a remote town or First Nation; young people perform for their peers while honing their performance skills and building self-confidence.

$250 funds a group of newcomers or individuals living with mental health challenges to attend one of our in-person or virtual concerts.

$100 funds access to free content on the MCO YouTube channel.

Donations of any size are all gratefully received and receipted. Click here to make a donation in any other amount to MCO Kids & Community!


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