SELF-TAUGHT COMPOSER KEREY HARPER grew up in the northern First Nation community of St. Theresa Point, accessible only by plane or winter roads. It’s there, during his high school years, he began making music by recording rain, stones, and natural sounds. “You can go somewhere and just be alone and no one would be around. You wouldn't be hearing all the sirens or traffic,” he was quoted saying to CBC a few years ago.

• Please note that these concerts are in-person only
• 1-hour in-person matinee 1.00pm Mar 22nd | $36 Adult | $34 Senior | $15 Under-30
• Buy 7.30pm Mar 22nd in-person ticket | $36 Adult | $34 Senior | $15 Under-30

Now, in his early 20s, Harper combines this first love of organic textures with synths, effect modulators, and loop stations. The soundscapes he creates can feel like an introspective hike on a warm fall afternoon, before conjuring another mood and scene. It’s natural that this promising composer, reminiscent of Brian Eno, should work with string orchestra.

Kerey is one of five impressive composers whose music is featured at this concert, which takes place at West End Cultural Centre (with Larry Strachan as musical advisor). The other composers are Kris Wachniak, Corie-Rose Soumah, Chris Byman, and Nahre Sol. We strongly encourage you to check out their music online in advance of this concert. The Nahre Sol piece, Mountain Goats, will also feature a projected music video, with striking awe-inspiring imagery of MCO violinist Narumi Higuchi running in BC from lush valleys to Rocky Mountain peaks.

Taking place the day after the equinox, this concert will transport your imagination to Canadian landscapes softening, budding, and opening themselves up to spring.

The concerts begin at 1.00pm and 7.30pm on Thursday, March 22nd, at the West End Cultural Centre, 586 Ellice Avenue. Casual tickets will be available 10 August 2022 here and on MCO’s Ticketline at 204-783-7377.

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Manitoba Chamber Orchestra
Anne Manson, Music Director
Karl Stobbe, Concertmaster
Westminster Church in Wolseley
1.00pm & 7.30pm, Wednesday, 22 March 2023

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