🎥 Behind the scenes: Oblivion

Hello friends of the MCO!

Here we are again! The second concert in the MCO’s Winter Series is fast approaching, and I can’t wait! Like many of you, I’ll be tuning in to the concert this evening to enjoy a fabulous performance featuring Rachel Kristenson (violin), Momoko Matsumura (viola and violin), and Minna Rose Chung (cello).

Did you know these musicians have never played together as a string trio? Rachel, Momoko, and Minna joined me for a quick Zoom chat, and I am excited to share some of our conversation! I guarantee that you’ll learn something new and take away some interesting tidbits that will make this concert even more enjoyable! 

Meet the musicians! Minna, Momoko, and Rachel join Suzu for a conversation where they discuss playing together as a trio for the first time and their experiences recording this concert for the MCO Winter Series:

Minna, Momoko, and Rachel guide us through the repertoire they chose for this concert and discuss some of the challenges of preparing and recording this program:

Minna, Momoko, and Rachel share what they are most looking forward to and what they hope the audience will experience at this concert:

See the full performance!

In February and March, the MCO will present four free online concerts as part of our Winter Series! The performances will be available on YouTube for a full year after the premiere! Visit our Free Winter Online Series page for more information. Access to concerts will become available on that page a few days before the premiere.

Oblivion will premiere on Thursday, February 17 at 7:30pm. We hope you enjoy!

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