✏️ Concert trivia ANSWERS! June 8 & 9

Lucie Horsch is well known for playing which instrument? Violin  Cello Recorder In what year did Lucie Horsch represent the Netherlands in the Eurovision Young Musician Contest? 2014 2018 2022 What nationality is Lucie Horsch?  Dutch German French Gary Kulesha … Continued

✏️ Concert trivia ANSWERS! April 12

1. When was the MCO founded?     a. 1972 b. 1985. c. 1998 2. For which of the following Canadian comedy-dramas did Sid Robinovitch write the musical theme?     a. The Newsroom b. Kim’s Convenience c. Workin’ Moms 3. Which … Continued

✏️ Concert trivia ANSWERS! March 22 & 23

Thank you for your participation! All submissions have been entered into a draw; if your name is selected you will receive an email or phone call! Which of the following composers wrote a piece strongly inspired by the life of … Continued