🔥 2021 Spring Festival ticket packages

Welcome to a reimagined 2020/21 season! The pandemic has taught us to expect the unexpected, so while we hope to offer more concerts to smaller audience groups in airy surroundings, we know that plans may change with little notice. If … Continued

1️⃣3️⃣ Motherhood, music, and the pandemic

Motherhood, music, and the pandemic  Balancing motherhood and a full-time music career can be challenging enough under normal circumstances. In the midst of a pandemic, the task seems Herculean. “To be perfectly, honest I haven’t touched my violin very often!”, … Continued

🟢 Harry Burleigh, American Musical Pioneer

When the Czech composer Antonin Dvořák began speaking publicly on the state and future of American music he was something of an outsider wandering naively into fierce debates among America’s cultural elite. Dvořák, who’d recently moved to America, argued that … Continued

9️⃣ MCO at Home, vol. 9

Recitatives: the nerve-wracking part of operas no one talks about (Cellist Guy Fishman and Anne Manson discuss)  Even those whose classical music education is limited to Bugs Bunny and Saturday morning cartoons can probably name or hum at least a few … Continued

7️⃣ MCO at Home, vol. 7

What could musicians do in Bach’s era that we can’t? Aisslinn Nosky discusses with Anne Manson Concert musicians enjoy advances in kinesiology, materials science, and other technologies in the same way athletes do. Violin strings, as with athletic shoe-laces, are … Continued

6️⃣ MCO at Home, vol. 6

The oboe as snake charmer: Caitlin Broms-Jacobs in conversation with Kevin Lau and Anne Manson From Bugs Bunny to the Nutcracker—why are snake charmers so often depicted as playing an oboe? Last week, MCO oboist Caitlin Broms-Jacobs spoke with MCO … Continued

5️⃣ MCO at Home, vol. 5

Jurassic Park, cluster chords, and Writ in Water: Kevin Lau in conversation with Anne Manson  In March 2019, the MCO premiered Canadian Kevin Lau’s gorgeous Writ in Water. We were so looking forward to reprising this work at our April … Continued