National Bank Summer Tour

TOUR STOPS Music & Beyond (Ottawa, ON) – 7.30pm, Monday, 15 and 16 July 2019 Stratford Summer Music (Stratford, ON) – 7pm, Wednesday, 17 July 2019 Festival de Lanaudière (Joliette, QB) – Friday, 20 July Westben (Campbellford, ON) – 2pm, … Continued

Glass CD / order here!

Our newest compact disc, with the MCO conducted by Anne Manson and featuring pianist Michael Riesman and the music of Philip Glass, will be released on February 26th, so we’ll all have to wait until then to give it a … Continued

The genius of ersatz

Like a good sophist, I’ll begin this piece of publicity in the roundabout way I often do: with a bit of word trickery. The thematic word is ersatz, a German borrowing that breached English around the time of the First … Continued

Galas, Ghosts, and General Strikes

Here’s an etymological factoid I’ve just learned and which is now distracting me from properly writing this article. The words ‘spectacle’ and ‘spectre’ both derive from the same Latin root: spect, which means ‘to witness.’ It’s the contrasting connotations of … Continued

Chamber Chatter, 19 March 2019

PLEASE PUT DOWN the Chamber Chatter and pick up the renewal form, which your usher would’ve handed to you. I say this bluntly because any other introduction would’ve just been a roundabout way of enticing you to do just that. … Continued

Quick links to 19/20 ticket packages

Subscribing to the MCO is a win win win situation! Early-bird subscribers save up to 25% on tickets and can win up to three amazing prizes: ➀ Bowers & Wilkins P5 wireless headphones ($379 value) ➁ Sennheiser Momentum wireless noise-cancelling headphones … Continued

Job posting: Director of Development

The Manitoba Chamber Orchestra invites applications for the full-time position of Director of Development with a potential starting date of 1 June 2019. One of Canada’s top orchestras, the MCO offers a collegial work environment with scope for personal and … Continued

Cheering for the laundry!

“Basically … I want my team’s clothes to beat the clothes from the other city,” is Jerry Seinfeld’s take on the blind loyalty that sports teams sometimes inspire in their fans. “You’re rooting for clothes, when you get right down to it!” … Continued

“Look, what patrons!”

  THE FILM AMADEUS mythologized Emperor Joseph II, patron of The Marriage of Figaro, as offering this assessment of the opera backstage to Mozart: “There are simply too many notes. Just cut a few, and it’ll be perfect.” To which … Continued

Le mot juste

STEVE MARTIN once said, “Those French – it’s like they have a different word for everything.” As a joke about the arrogance of English-speakers, the quip is on point. But otherwise it’s not really true, is it? As most students … Continued