WFP / Behind the curtain

Filmmaker crafts short film series chronicling the stories of five Manitoba Chamber Orchestra players When he’s not scaling craggy mountain peaks in the Himalayas or plumbing for ancient Mayan artifacts buried deep inside submerged cave systems for his art, you … Continued

🎈 UPDATED! 2021/22 packages

MCO’s 2022 Spring Concerts We’re excited to offer our 2022 Spring Concert series—which features both online and in-person presentations over 8 concert programs! Safety and rejuvenation are both keywords for this extended season. To accommodate physical distancing, we’ll be operating … Continued

📌 Ticket & social gathering policies

By purchasing tickets to attend our concerts, you confirm that you are aware that gatherings are potential sources of viral transmission and that you assume responsibility for that risk. We will retain email addresses for the purpose of contact tracing. TICKET POLICIES  All concert programs in our … Continued

To our loyal music collectors …

It goes without saying that we value the safety of our volunteers and customers. In light of health guidelines we still don’t feel it’s possible to host a regular Vinyl Vault sale for the immediate future. But we know our … Continued

April 8th concert stream

Manitoba Chamber Orchestra / Cluster FestivalAnne Manson, MCO Music DirectorKarl Stobbe, MCO ConcertmasterOnline Presentation7.30pm CDT, 8 April March 2021 Stephen Hough, piano Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)Chaconne, from partita no. 2 in d minor, BWV 1004— tr. by Ferruccio Busoni (1866-1924) Robert Schumann … Continued

MCO moves to fully online 2021 Spring Festival

Spring is in bloom, and a sense of hope fills the air. We hope you were able to join us for the MCO concerts we premiered online on March 12th and January 15th. Given continuing travel and gathering restrictions related to the pandemic, we have … Continued

March 12th concert stream

Manitoba Chamber Orchestra / Cluster FestivalAnne Manson, MCO Music DirectorKarl Stobbe, MCO ConcertmasterAshley Au, Director of Cluster FestivalEckhardt Hall, Winnipeg Art GalleryOriginal concert: 27 September 2020Concert broadcast: 12 March 2021 William WaltonHenry V Suite – selections Raine HamiltonRobin Hood (arr. Chris Byman)Aurora … Continued

January 15th concert stream

Manitoba Chamber OrchestraAnne Manson, MCO Music DirectorKarl Stobbe, MCO ConcertmasterEckhardt Hall, Winnipeg Art GalleryOriginal concert: 4 October 2020Concert broadcast: 15 January 2021 Link to concert here! THE BUHLER CONCERT Evelyn GlennieLittle Prayer— Victoria Sparks Heinrich BiberPassacaglia for Solo Violin— Karl … Continued

1️⃣0️⃣ A very rich edition of ‘MCO at Home’

This edition addresses the fascinating context of Antonín Dvořák‘s visit to America, the work he produced there, and the under-recognized musicians, such as Harry Burleigh, from whom he learned much in America. Dvořák’s famous sojourn in Iowa is captured beautifully in Andrea Ratuski’s excellent … Continued

MCO suspends 19/20 season

MARCH 2020 — Uncertain times are never easy, but there’s much to be grateful for. The MCO feels immense gratitude for frontline workers, whose duty looms especially large amid the unfolding COVID-19 crisis. We are profoundly thankful for our loyal … Continued