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Welcome to a reimagined 2020/21 season! The pandemic has taught us to expect the unexpected, so while we hope to offer more concerts to smaller audience groups in airy surroundings, we know that plans may change with little notice. If barriers related to COVID-19 prevents a scheduled soloist from traveling to Winnipeg or performing at one of our concerts, the MCO will do everything in their power to present a full concert with revised repertoire. All spring concerts are at Westminster Church, unless changing circumstances compel venue relocation.

Our evolving social distancing protocols are available here.

Updated 2021 Spring Festival and season renewal form coming soon. 

1:00 3:30 Sunday, 4 October 2020 / A tasty appetizer for our April-June music festival, this concert is an overdue instalment in our Chamber Night series and a long-anticipated chance to see and hear some of Winnipeg’s best musicians, including Caitlin Broms-Jacobs, Allen Harrington, Victoria Sparks, Karl Stobbe, and Tracy Wright, live in concert again. (Please note that this concert is at the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s Eckhardt Hall.)

1:00 7:30 Tuesday, 6 April 2021 / A few years ago we filmed our first concert with teenage Dutch recorder player Lucie Horsch. While she was relatively unknown at the time, the video went viral — earning over 100,000 hits. We urge you, while tickets last, to see the “latest big thing in recorder playing” (The Guardian), as she virtuosically flutters and trills her way through assorted works. Program includes Haydn, Wennäkoski and others.

1:00 7:30 Wednesday, 14 April 2021 / Audiences will be treated to Britten’s rich, vivacious Simple Symphony (don’t let the name fool you), Bartók’s Rumanian Folk Dances (an MCO-audience favourite), and two classical music megahits in Hollywood: Aaron Copland’s Hoedown and Samuel Barber’s Adagio. Sadly, we’ve had to postpone Pembina Trails Voices’ performance of Sid Robinovtich’s Jonah oratorio, originally programmed for this concert, to ensure the number of musicians on our stage are well within health protocols. We look forward to updating you with whatever inspired selection of music MCO Music Anne Manson curates as an alternative.

7:30 Tuesday, 4 May 2021 / Unfortunately UK-based pianist Stephen Hough can no longer be present for this recital. We understand: not everyone’s in a position to plan for international travel these days. But no matter how practicalities unfold, expect a safe season rich with MCO performances. We’re currently planning a brilliant new concert. Stay tuned.

1:00 7:30 Tuesday, 11 May 2021 / In casual corroboration of the historian’s hunch that inspiring human trajectories are often set in motion by flukes, French hornist James Sommerville encountered his instrument only by chance in high school. Audiences benefit from this accident as much as him, and we are lucky to be among that audience when the Boston Symphony Orchestra principal performs and conducts Mozart, among other things, with the MCO.

7:30 Tuesday, 1 June 2021 / Tracy Dahl and Andriana Chuchman are both high-flying, international opera singers with roots in Peg City. At this concert, the pair will perform classic duos and arias by Mozart, Handel, Monteverdi, & Bellini. Andriana, Tracy’s former pupil, sells out the MCO as often as Tracy does — so subscribe while tickets last!

3:00 7:30 Sunday, 6 June 2021 / From time to time we can’t resist shining a spotlight on the esteemed musicians who work closely with the MCO. In this tour de force concert we do just that, with virtuosic and elegant solos from MCO musicians Desiree Abbey, Caitlin Broms-Jacobs, Pamela Fay, Victoria Sparks, and Connie Gitlin — as well as a piano performance & new piece by Nahre Sol, one of YouTube’s most celebrated and popular classical musicians.

1:00 7:30 Wednesday, 9 June 2021 / There’s something sport-like about classical music’s soloist arena, with its emphasis on young prize-winners performing inhuman feats of speed and dexterity. In the much-decorated, prodigious Chooi brothers (Timothy & Nikki) we have Canada’s musical equivalent of NFL’s Manning brothers. They tag-team here to perform Michael Oesterle’s Snow White concerto, and works by Vivaldi and Geminiani.

1:00 7:30 Tuesday, 15 June 2021 / Unfortunately Claire Chase can no longer join violinst Aisslinn Nosky at this concert. We understand completely: not everyone’s in a position to plan for international travel these days. Although featuring the brilliant Aisslinn as the sole soloist is hardly settling.  Clearly, it’s not only technical prowess that makes her “Toronto’s Eric Clapton of the violin” (Toronto Star), but also her rock and roll approach to the Baroque. Spellbound MCO audiences also know her as a crack orchestra leader, and at this concert she reprises her role as player-conductor and is joined by the MCO. We’re so lucky to have Aisslinn as our Guest Artist in Residence.


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